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    Several pages contain Voz’s research and notes about Alseta’s Ring. The bulk of the information comes from old reports from the time of the Goblinblood Wars, when a group of soldiers confronted a clan of goblins who’d taken up residence in a series of caves near Breachill. These reports indicated that at the deepest portion of the caves, an entrance into a much older ruin that the goblins feared to enter was discovered. The soldiers explored a bit further, discovered a “ring of strange archways,” but were ultimately driven away by powerful animated statues that “emerged from nearby doors” to attack.

    Voz’s additional research, which includes copious notes on the necromantic ritual she performed recently to interrogate the spirits of the dead in the crypt below Citadel Altaerein, seem to confirm her theories that this ring of portals is an ancient elven ruin called Alseta’s Ring. Her research suggests that Alseta’s Ring was among the first of the aiudara— ancient portals created by the elves before Earthfall— and that the six portals that made up the ring linked six different sites. One of these she has confirmed as having once linked to Kyonin, but this section of Alseta’s ring has fallen into ruin and now leads to the goblin caves, but observations from soldiers in the Goblinblood Wars suggested the other five portals still stood at that time. Voz’s research indicates that for a portal to be activated, a key item has to be used. Where the remaining five portals might lead and what keys are required to activate them, alas, Voz has not yet been able to determine, but in her notes she is optimistic that, once she secures the site and has the chance to study the portals in person, clues as to their function will present themselves.

    The final few pages of the journal cover Voz’s last several days spent exploring the caverns between here and the deeper Goblinblood Caves she suspects links to Alseta’s Ring itself. Her notes on the giant spiders and centipedes and other vermin slain, along with notes on her own undead minions expended,

    The final entry mentions an encounter with a “strange woman who seemed to be able to manipulate spiders as easily as I command my undead minions,” and that Voz was able to slay a few spiders before being forced to flee.

    Dem Tagebuch kannst du folgendes entnehmen:

    Voz originally hails from Tamran in Nirmathas, and she is the daughter of a restless elven hunter named Zlaradel and her fisherman husband, Carren. Voz’s parents tried to instill their own simple values into their unexpected child; they taught young Voz to value her independence, enjoy her pursuits without self-consciousness or shame, and embrace simplicity as bliss. However, well intended as these lessons were, Voz’s parents were also wholly emotionally unequipped to raise a child, especially one as headstrong and as naturally cruel as Voz. When young Voz began to lord her rudimentary knowledge of languages and magic over other children and even some adults, her parents praised her studiousness. When she demanded to be sent away from what backwater Tamran to a so-called proper school, her parents mortgaged their house and businesses. They helped her hide her Nirmathi identity and send her to a prestigious academy in Canorate in Molthune.

    It was at this school, the Imperial Academy, where Voz honed her ability to blend in with crowds and hide her darkest inclinations. After all, as the scion of a nation the Molthuni considered wayward rebels and natural enemies, Voz would have been expelled immediately had her instructors discovered the lie behind her carefully constructed background as the prodigy child of laborers from Eranmas. And so Voz kept her head down and dove into her studies on magic, using the basics she learned to delve into the subject that truly interested her: necromancy. The idea of making money by killing her inferior enemies and then animating their bodies fascinated and excited Voz, and thus she began her descent into true evil.

    Voz continued to research more profane and taboo topics, from the art of enslaving souls to ways to precisely kill and preserve bodies. This side trek into anatomical studies led her to discover the teachings of Norgorber, the Reaper of Reputation and god of thievery, assassination, and secrets. Voz felt a wicked kinship with a religion that spoke so perfectly to her naturally secretive and increasingly bloodthirsty nature, and she began to dream of one day taking her rightful place as a leader among the other faithful of his flock.

    Voz might have finished her studies at the Imperial Academy and left with impeccable credentials, were it not for an incident in her final year. Toward the beginning of the semester, Voz had a shipment of profane tomes sent to her under an assumed name. She received the books without attracting notice, but failed to properly hide the tomes about necromancy, soul siphoning, and lichdom. When a cleaning staff member discovered the books in her room on a dreary midnight, Voz panicked and murdered the poor man. Knowing all her transgressions would soon be revealed, Voz packed all her research and fled the school that very night. Using her skills of deception and obfuscation, she escaped the country and flew south.

    For a while, Voz drifted throughout Isger, disgusted to find that nation to be yet another backwater akin to her homeland. She longed to experience Egorian’s obsidian glitter, the jewel of diabolic Cheliax, or even Pangolais, the shadowy but decadent cosmopolitan capital of wicked Nidal. Eventually, she decided on a different goal: found a guild of assassins and necromancers of her own. By this time, Voz had settled in Breachill, where the innocent and welcoming townsfolk were happy to accept her and leave her be. Her goals set, Voz opened the Reliant Book Company under the guise of an esoteric scholar. She quietly began to make money while looking for ways to impress whatever Norgorberites she could, petitioning them for the support necessary to found her guild.

    In her research, Voz stumbled upon many ancient and potentially powerful pieces of information, but one she made more recently dwarfed the others: rumors of a lost network of elf gates said to be buried within walking distance of her new home. According to her research, this elf gate, something called “Alseta’s Ring,” lay below neighboring Hellknight Hill. An underground complex below the ruined citadel atop Hellknight Hill would make for a perfect site for a hidden assassin’s guild, even more so if in its basement were a set of functioning elf gates that would allow for quick transport to other locations. The more she learned about Alseta’s Ring, the more intrigued she became.

    But Voz lacked the funds to begin; the Reliant Book Company made just enough to stay afloat—not nearly enough to fund the foundation of a secret assassin’s guild. And so Voz began reaching out, surreptitiously, to her esoteric contacts, hoping to find someone who would bankroll the guild.

    She received an unexpected response from a group that called itself the Scarlet Triad, which claimed to share an interest in Alseta’s Ring. If she could secure access to the Ring and report to the Scarlet Triad about its functionality, they promised to fund her guild. Wary about the group’s true motives—Voz agreed to their proposal and, in the days since, has focused on securing access to the ruins deep under Hellknight Hill.

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