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    In this phase of public testing, you will have a chance to experience some of the changes that are currently in development for a future version. Please note that these changes will not be going Live with the rest of the 1.2.1 changes; they are only being released to PTS at this time. Please log in and give these changes a spin. Your feedback is important to the future development of these features!

    Secondary Stat Improvements

    1.2.1 PTS introduces a number of changes to “Secondary” stats to give them a stronger effect on overall player performance. Please keep in mind that these new effects are in addition to existing bonuses that are already present in 1.2.

    Critical hits: Critical bonus damage is no longer random, and is now a range of +5% to +75% based on stats (see below).
    Critical heals: Critical bonus heal effectiveness is no longer random, and is now a range of +5% to +75% based on stats (see below).
    Weapon Skill: Increases your Melee Critical and Ranged Critical bonus damage dealt.
    Willpower: Increases your Magic Critical bonus damage dealt, and also increases the effectiveness of Healing Criticals from your healing abilities.
    Initiative: Reduces your critical bonus damage suffered from all types of attacks.
    Toughness: Increases the bonus Healing Critical effectiveness of heals which are used on you, and also grants you minor Hit Point regeneration while in-combat.

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