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    Ravenous and cruel, the sahuagin are, unfortunately, among the most prosperous oceanic races. Great cities raised by these creatures fill deep ocean trenches, and many are the fortresses where they launch endless raids against their airbreathing enemies who dwell in close proximity to the shore. Warlike and proud, the sahuagin (also called sea devils and devil men of the deep) rarely ally with others, and view most other aquatic races such as the aboleths, the merfolk and their ilk as competitors. The only creatures they seem to respect and adore apart from their own kind are sharks, for in these relentless predators the sahuagin see much of themselves. A sahuagin stands 7 feet tall and weighs about 250 pounds.

    Sahuagin are prone to beneficial mutations, and when a mutant is born it almost always rises to the society’s nobility or rulership. The most common sahuagin mutation is an extra pair of arms (granting two additional claw attacks or the opportunity to wield more weapons). Rumours speak of the rare malenti— sahuagin who look not like sharkmen but aquatic elves, yet who share their kin’s bloodlusts and cruel natures. Malenti often serve as spies and assassins for sahuagin rulers, but rumours of allmalenti tribes in isolated reaches of the sea persist.


    Sahuagin are cruel sea predators who have been known to venture ashore on moonless nights to plunder coastal towns.

    Sahuagin are egglaying creatures (with multiple hatchlings common). They deal harshly with any young seen as weak or lacking the proper aggressive tendencies – such young are normally eaten by the parents or other members of the tribe. In fact, sahuagin are fixated on all aspects of consumption and are eager to weed out anything they see as weak or unworthy to compete for resources. Savage fighters, sahuagin ask for and give no quarter. They are close allies of sharks and always have sharks living near their lairs.

    Much like sharks, a sahuagin’s eyes remain open and it continues to swim slowly in place while sleeping.

    Sahuagin are the natural enemies of aquatic elves. The two cannot coexist peacefully: wars between them are often prolonged and bloody. Precisely why the two races hate each

    other so much is unknown, but what is known is that the presence of an aquatic elf community within several miles of a sahuagin community occasionally causes some sahuagin to be born as malenti; mutants who resemble aquatic elves. The sahuagin hatred toward tritons is only slightly less extreme.

    Sahuagin consider the flesh of krakens and giant squids to be a delicacy.

    Although rare, sahuagin can be infected by lycanthropy. The resulting sahuagin weresharks are typically viewed with great respect and awe by their tribe mates.


    Sahuagin dwell in warm bodies of salt water. They abhor fresh water, and think of the extreme ocean depths as a frightening and otherworldly place in which nothing living can exist. Their lairs are villages and towns constructed of stone; each group ranges up to 50 miles from home on hunting and raiding excursions.


    Sahuagin are usually greenskinned, with darker skin on the back and lighter on the belly. Many have dark stripes, bands or spots, but these tend to fade with age. Sahuagin are highly fishlike, with webbed feet and hands, gills and a finned tail. There is additional webbing down their back, at the elbows and, most notably, also where human ears would be. While extremely rare, sahuagin are sometimes born with four arms instead of two. These fourarmed mutations are usually black fading to gray in colour. Very often, these fourarmed rarities quickly rise to become great leaders within sahuagin society.

    Sahuagin find bright light and fresh water painful, but their senses are otherwise remarkably sharp and keen. They can walk on land for short periods of time (normally a few hours at most). 


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