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    Guard is the core tank skill that can only be cast on party members. As long as your guard target is within 30ft of you, half of their incoming damage and 35% of their hate will be redirected towards you. If for example you guard a melee dps, the aggro that is redirected to you will let you hold the boss's aggro better and since it's a percentage of their aggro the dps class can go all out without fear of overaggroing. If the boss does an aoe attack, your guard target will recieve half damage and you take the other half.

    This is how most people think guard works. This is what the tooltip leads you to believe. The hate based aspects are accurate as far as we can tell, but the damage portion of guard behaves in a completely different manner. The absolute most important part to realize is that the tank does not receive half the damage the guarded player would have taken. The damage he takes is in fact SET with the first hit the guarded player takes. For example, the tank is in the middle of a boss fight and he realizes he's having trouble keeping aggro. He throws guard over onto someone within 30ft to try to hold on better. The boss does an AoE attack, inflicting 6k damage! The dps gets hit for 3k, and the tank gets hit for 6k+3k, ouch! Later in the fight, adds spawn in and swarm all the players in the group, hitting for barely any damage. For some reason though, the tank is getting hit really quickly for 3k over and over! His evasion isn't enough to keep up and the whole party wipes. What the hell went wrong?

    Guard damage was set the first hit the dps took, 6k. Anytime the guarded player gets hit after that, the tank will receive 3k damage. Another example, the offtank tries to guard the tank durring a particularly dangerous boss fight. His timing is such that the next hit the boss deals to the main tank is a cleave for 4k damage. Any time the tank is hit now, the offtank will take 2k damage. The offtank dies very quickly to 2k hits from guard as the main tank sits cost taking 300 damage from the normal attacks of the boss.

    So. That is how guard can go all wrong really fast. However, you can use this to your advantage. In fact the cornerstone of effective offtanking is utilizing this mechanic to your benefit. Set guard early in an dungeon. Reset it as you go, trying to optimize the damage you receive from guard. If the tank gets nudged for 50 damage by some non-champion, you just managed to get your guard set at 25 damage. Then at the boss, any time the tank recieves damage you get hit for 25. When he might otherwise get smacked for 12k, he only takes 6k and you still only take 25 damage. My, that's much easier for the tank and the healer to keep up with, isn't it? The warning that goes along with this though is that the tank will have a much harder time maintaining aggro, as you are leeching it away from him with your guard. He will most likely need to guard someone to maintain the attention of the mobs. He can in fact guard you back, which we refer to as cross-guarding.

    Guard plus the chosen mastery tactic Crippling Strikes reduces the damage dealt to the tank by 62.5%.…06:607:8373:613 This is the build I use for both PvP and offtanking, I am very pleased with it's performance. Switching over to PvP is just a tactic and a two morale changes, no respeccing needed.

    Some other facts about guard:
    -Guard damage can be evaded. It counts as a physical melee attack from within your frontal cone. This means you can block and parry it.
    -Guard damage cannot be mitigated. You take what you take, toughness and armor value play no role in the damage you take from guard, except for the guard target's with respect to setting the initial damage.
    -Chaotic advantage will proc off of parried guard hits. With this, I have unlimited AP while the tank is being hit. What I lack in burst DPS I can endeavor to make up for with relentlessness and endurance.
    -Guard only needs to be recast if YOU die. If your guard target dies and is ressed, the guard will still be working on him with the initial damage set.

    The short of it, spilling all my super-secret techniques: Set up guard before the boss fight, and get it set low. Make a point in crippling some weak non-champion and using him to set your damage if you just can't get it done otherwise. In PvP, you're pretty unlikely to get skrewed by this mechanic, everyone uses lots of dots and infrequent small hits. You're not going to get your guard damage set against someone's withering heat, no one opens combat with withering heat.

    If you set up guard properly, there's no reason for the offtank to use a shield unless he's needed to help maintank a boss with a CC gimmick.



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