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    Hier die Info die ihr bekommen habt

    Kyrion lacks the blatant malevolence of most red

    Who are you?
    “I am Kyrion.“

    Why were you chained up?
    “Belmazog and I had an irreconcilable philosophical disagreement. I was of the opinion that she is an idiot. After a persuasive
    argument on her part, I am forced to amend my argument. She is an idiot with the good fortune to have powerful supporters in the Scarlet Triad.”

    Are you part of the Cinderclaws?
    “By default of being nothing else. They raised me. I suppose Belmazog was… the closest thing I had to a mother.”

    Do you worship Dahak? “No!”

    What happened?
    “Belmazog used me. She hoped I would serve as Dahak’s avatar, but I serve well enough as an unwilling vessel for the Destroyer’s power. Do you know what it is to look upon the face of a god? To know that all of your wrath and hate
    could burn the whole world clean, and that you would still be nothing more than a dying spark in the face of an inferno?”

    Shouldn’t you ask Apsu to protect you from Dahak?

    “Apsu.” Kyrion sneers. “The oath breaker. Apsu, who let Dahak slaughter his other children twice over. Apsu, who swore to defend Golarion from his son. Ask the elves of this jungle where Apsu was when Dahak invaded this world during the Age of Darkness. Ask them what price they paid in place of Apsu’s worthless promise. Let me write my prayers on lead and throw them into the sea, if it spares me the shame of them ever reaching Apsu!”

    What is that thing in your chest?
    “A shard of something powerful, a fragment the Scarlet Triad gifted to Belmazog to aid her in the ritual she performed to raise the dragon pillars,” Kyrion replies, looking down at his wound and prodding at it slightly. “The gold around the wound inflicted by the shard is a manifestation of its power, I think. It’s painful, but not agonizing. It’s a complete violation of my personal autonomy, but from an arcane viewpoint, it’s really very interesting. I wish I knew what it is or where it came from.”

    Can we have the shard?
    “I’m reasonably sure taking it out will kill me. So, no.”

    Do you know what the Cinderclaws were planning?
    “To secure the aiudara that those elves are guarding. But in the grand scheme of things, Belmazog already got what she claimed she wanted. Huntergate was opened, and its only a matter of time before Dahak tries to force his way out.” Kyrion’s mouth parts in a gruesome smile. “I doubt Belmazog is quite so happy about her success now that her power doesn’t directly benefit from it.”

    Do you know what the Scarlet Triad is?
    “Hmph. An organization of foreigners who seem to delight in meddling with zealots, as far as I can tell. They were
    using us, certainly—they were too powerful and had too many resources to want us as equals. I suspect
    they’re using the Cinderclaws to prepare this region for some unknown plans of their own. All of which I told Belmazog repeatedly, but no. Belmazog knows best. Well, we now know where that got her.”


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