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    Da uns Rebell Assault ja soviel Spass bereitet hat und Stefan so schön die Figuren angemalt hat hab ich mir gedacht wir könnten doch mal ein Star Wars RPG ausprobieren. Dabei bin ich bei Fantasy Flight eigenen „Edge of the Empire“ hängengeblieben welches zur selben Zeit wie das Boardgame spielt (Die Jahre nach der Zerstörung des ersten Todessterns). Nach dem schleichenden Ende von Pathfinder war ja mal Shadowrun angedacht aber einen Schritt weiter gehen schadet ja nix denk ich. Wir machen Chars und eine kleine Einstiegsrunde und wenn es uns gefällt gibts was grösseres.

    Edge of the Empire beschäftigt sich wie der Name schon sagt mit den Randgebieten (sowohl geografisch als auch charakterlich) des Star Wars Universums, dem sogenannten Outer Rim. Dort herrscht zwar faktisch auch das Imperium und es ist allgegenwärtig (und wenn ein Sternenzerstörer aus dem Hyperraum schiesst ist oft auch erstmal Ruhe) jedoch geht ihr Einfluss manchmal nicht über Politische Marrionetten (Gouverneure aka Moffs)hinaus und vieles hier liegt im unklaren und wird von Clans, Piraten, eigenen Regierungen und Verbrecherbanden regiert und kontrolliert.

    Das Combatsystem ist weniger taktisch als bei Pathfinder und das Skillsystem mit eigenen Würfeln sehr intressant und alles eher etwas richtung RPGn, beschreiben gedrückt als pures auswürfeln.

    Rassen gibt es erstmal 8 spielbare die uns hoffentlich langen. (Human, Rodians, Wookies, Trandosians, TwiLeks, Droiden, Bothans, Gands). Bei Interesse einfach mich fragen oder mal googlen 😉

    Klassen gibt es erstmal 6 Grundklassen mit je 3 Spezialisierungen:

    1. Bounty Hunter (Assassin/Gadgeteer/Survivalist)

    2. Colonist (Doctor/Politico/Scholar)

    3. Explorer (Scout/Fringer/Trader)

    4. Hired Gun (Bodyguard/Mercenary/Marauder)

    5. Smuggler (Pilot/Scoundrel/Thief)

    6. Technician (Mechanic/Outlaw Tech/Slicer)

    Vielleicht hier schonmal die Preference bekannt geben und falls jemand Fragen hat einfach stellen und ich schreib paar Worte dazu.  Zwingend gebraucht wird zwar nichts aber wie in jedem RPG wäre eine gute Mischung ganz nice und auch die gesammte Abenteuer Struktur baut auf den jeweiligen Chars und ihren Karrieren auf. Jemanden der bissi Quatschen kann, den ein oder anderen mit Piloten und Waffen Skills, jemanden der Sachen oder Menschen „reparieren“ kann… Ich denke das sich schon was ergibt und es kann sowieso jeder alles erlernen (auch wenn es für einen Politico paar Punkte mehr kostet mit Waffen umzugehen als z.B. einen Mercenary). Sven hatte schonmal Techniker Droide gemeint aber vielleicht entscheidet er ja noch anders.


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    Eingeladen mitzumachen sind btw. alle hier und ich plane nebst der Kerngruppe die „Gelegenheitsspieler“ eher so Hired Gun, Bounty Hunter spielen zu lassen um sie leichter ein UND ausbauen zu können^^ (Was jetzt nicht heissen soll das die Kerngruppe nicht auch Muscles braucht)




    Pretty much anything to do with technology or mechanical devices lies within the Technicians purview. He knows how to operate, maintain, repair and upgrade just about anything with power or gears. Most Technicians would rather deal with machines and droids than people; the latter is just too unpredictable

    Mechanic: Depending on who is asked, Mechanics are either the glue that holds everthing together or the grease that makes it all go. Most Mechanic would tell you they do both and then get back to work.

    Outlaw Tech: Outlaw Techs are the specialists others call on when they want something out of the ordinary. A blaster that works beyond factory tolerances? No problem! A transponder that identifies a smugglers freighter as a religious pilgrimmage craft? It will cost a few credits, but sure! A protocol droid altered to carry out an assassination? Just how big is the credit line, anyway?

    Slicer: For the Slicer a computer or datapad is just a puzzle to solve with prizes for doing so. „Slicing“ is the term used for invasive efforts to steal data in a system. With practically the entire galaxy wired to computerized systems, Slicers are extremly valuable people to knowm and dagerous to cross.




    Bounty Hunter:

    The name says it all this is a hunter who seeks to collect bounties for his work. Bounty Hunters tend to be feared, reviled, looked down upon-and in great demand throughout the galaxy. They are expert trackers, brutal combatants, and effective investigators They tend to prefer skulduggery, stealth, and traps over frontal assaults, but the most respected Bounty Hunters will do whatever it takes to catch their quarries and collect their fees.


    Assassin: Whereas most Bounty Hunters focus primarily on the capture of quarry, those who specialize as Assassins are generally tasked with the straightforward proposition of terminating their targets.


    Gadgeteer: Considering how often a single Bounty Hunter finds himself faced with terrible odds (more often than not, an acquisition has friends or employees who work hard to protect him), it’s not surprising how many specialize in high-tech gear and weapons. The Gadgeteer excels at presenting himself as a one-person battle force, at least for a short time. Using both the latest tech and his own personally-modified gear, a Bounty Hunter with this specialization can be hard to stop.


    Survivalist: Beyond civilization, in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there are places where few [if any) sentients have ever trodden the ground. Places like these are ideal hiding places for those fleeing the law or retribution for their actions. Places like these are where Bounty Hunters who specialize as Survivalists thrive.

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    In a way, Colonists are the most outofplace people in the Outer Rim. They are most often from the Core Worlds, where they were well educated and part of the cultural and professional elite. A Colonist doesn’t tend to have the training to survive in areas of high conflict, and he isn’t particularly adept at physical exploits.


    Doctor: Of all the types of Colonists who come to the Outer Rim, Doctors probably have the easiest time finding employment They are in high demand almost anywhere they go. Unfortunately, most of what they are asked to do involves patching up the wounds of the worst kind of beings.


    Politico: If there is one thing a Politico knows how to do better than anyone else in the galaxy, it’s talking. He can talk to anyone about anything in any necessary way. What others accomplish with might and fear, a talented Politico may well achieve with a few well-placed words and a decent plan.


    Scholar: At first, the idea of a Scholar wandering with a bunch of ne’er-do-wells in the Outer Rim might seem a bit odd, if not downright ridiculous. However, with all of the dangers and wonders of „a thousand thousand worlds,“ having someone around who actually knows something more than how to reload a heavy blaster could be exceedingly useful under any number of circumstances. This is especially true when a group is faced with something truly unknown, or needs to find something that simple tracking alone cannot locate.


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    The Empire is vast, but it is a mere fraction of the galaxy, and the Explorer seeks to uncover the countless mysteries and opportunities the universe contains. Explorers are both vitally important and insidiously dangerous to the New Order; on the one hand, they reveal information, trade routes, and resources that are deeply coveted by the Empire, and on the other hand, they expand the ranges into which rebels, criminals, and iconoclasts can spread out and avoid Imperial might. The Empire employs countless scouts and mercantile agents, and there are many more such entities working for the millions of galactic corporations seeking advantage over one another as they expand The Explorer is a free agent; he makes his own way, tracks his own discoveries, and arranges his own special deals and connections. He will often sell the information he has at a decent price, or arrange to guide those who wish to go where he has been.


    Fringer: Part negotiator, part astrogator, and savvy in the ways of the galaxy beyond the Core Worlds, the Fringer is a jack-of-all-trades. He focuses on knowing how to find what he needs and how to get where he needs to go. He’s got the gift of gab when it’s time to talk, and the awareness and reflexes to maneuver away when it’s time to run.


    Scout: There’s finding a planet, and then there’s going down to the planet and seeing what’s what. The Scout is the professional for the task, trained to survey and survive, gathering all of the information he can while keeping his head attached to his body While bravery in combat is one thing, there can be no denying the fearlessness of anyone willing to touch down on a completely unknown planet and trudge about with only scanners and his wits to discover its secrets.


    Trader: Those seeking to take what they discover as they explore the Outer Rim and beyond (and turn a serious profit from it) are Traders. For a Trader, a new planet represents nigh-infinite potential for resource exploitation, while a new culture or hidden community is a customer base just begging for his particular talents.


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    Hired Gun:

    When it comes to fighting, the Hired Gun is at the forefront. He’s less of an independent operator than the Bounty Hunter, preferring to have a defined mission, an objective to achieve, and some credits to spend when the job is done. Hired Guns are muscle and applied force, meant to defend or attack as the situation requires. They deal damage or protect others for credits, and this makes them simple and sometimes refreshingly direct.


    Bodyguard: Hired Guns who choose the Bodyguard specialization are excellent choices for defending both people and places. They tend to be highly capable with all kinds of weaponry, extremely tough and sawy in combat, and exactly the right people to get behind when blaster fire starts flying.


    Marauder: Marauders don’t necessarily mind shooting their opponents, but they would much rather get mixed up in a melee, weapons in hand, smashing and slashing their way through. Marauders are tough-probably the toughest combatants in any conflict. They tend to take a great deal of punishment while dealing·out far more to any who dare go against them.


    Mercenary: If the Marauder is the melee master, and the Bodyguard is the all-around weapons and gear trooper, the Mercenary Soldier is the warfare expert. An adept of both ranged combat and military tactics, he is a leader of warriors in combat and a deadly combatant himself.





    Though they spend most of their lives struggling to avoid Imperial entanglements, keeping their ships fly ing, dodging blaster fire, and having enough to eat. Smugglers are often seen as the freest beings in the galaxy. They travel the hyperspace lanes, system to system, planet to planet, bringing what people want and need (and cannot get through legitimate means) Unfortunately, that freedom is often an illusion; many Smugglers find themselves indebted to powerful people, having been forced to take a marker on their ships just to stay in business. Such markers inevitably lead Smugglers into a kind of indentured servitude unless they can figure a way out of it That requires a very big „score“ of some kind-a job of such financial reward, the Smuggler can buy his ship back and afford to operate on his own again. Few Smugglers survive that kind of job. Most just deal with their circumstances and keep their ships going. Even with a marker on the ship, though, Smugglers tend to have a great deal of autonomy, and they develop a great many skills and talents that any group making their way through the Outer Rim will find helpful Smugglers know their way around the underworld and fringe society, and they tend to know how to get things done, especially if legality isn’t an issue.


    Pilot: Plenty of folks know how to fly a starship, but a Smuggler who specializes as a Pilot develops a relationship with his ship, and it becomes an extension of his wit and his will. He can make a plodding old transport run far above its performance ratings, and given time and some modifications, he can turn it into one of the fleetest and most maneuverable craft ever to take to the stars.


    Scoundrel: Part con artist, part gunslinger, and part cantina brawler, the Scoundrel is quick-witted, quick on his feet, and quick to get himself into a great deal of trouble at the drop of a hat. He doesn’t care one whit for rules or laws, except where he can use them to work an angle that either nets him a lot of credits or brings down an enemy If he’s really lucky-and he tends to have an unshakable faith in his luck-he’ll manage both.


    Thief: Where the Scoundrel is a bit flashier, and the Pilot focuses on mastering his ship, the Thief really is a covert operative. His ideal circumstance is to get into places blocked to others, grab things he’s not supposed to have, and get out without anyone ever knowing he was there. If he can sell what he grabbed for a tidy sum, that makes for a perfect day.




    Stefan das mit Teemo the Hutt ist eher eine zeitnahe Sache und nicht als Obligation geeignet. Da du glaube ich sogar +5 Obligation choosed hast muss da was grösseres her. Wo kommen eigentlich deine Skills her? Warst du vielleicht auf einer imperialen Pilotenschule und wurdest unehrenhaft entlassen oder in eine Mine gesteckt weil du mit der Tochter des Kommandanten oder eines Politikers ein Techtel Mechtel hattest? Hast du einen Tie Fighter nur zum Spass mal Probegeflogen oder wurdest du wegen Politik (Roter Mensch ist böser Mensch) entlassen? Bist du als Verbrecher bekannt in manchen Teilen der Galaxis (Inner Rim würde gut passen und ein weiterer Grund warum du nicht so leicht zu deiner Familie kannst weil dort deine Heimatwelt liegt). Ein einflussreicher, imperialer Moff hat dich rausgehauen und als Bringschuld (und um vom Imperialen Netzwerk gelöscht zu werden) hat er dich bei Teemo „geparkt“ das du dort etwas Drecksarbeit verrichtest…?




    hab da einen Fehler bei deinem Anhang gesehen, max. Dateigröße war 2MB, habs jetzt auf 10MB hochgesetzt.

    Aber da werfe ich meine Granata IMMER hin!



    @stefan dein Char gefällt mir wie gesagt sehr gut mit guter Story aber hier die Sachen die ich noch wissen möchte bzw. fehlen.

    Obligations: Deine Debt Geschichte (etwas weiter ausgeholt als das zeitnahe was ich dir mal schrieb oder schau dir mal die Ideen weiter oben im Thread an)

    Motivation: Crime (1,2 Sätze warum das so ist vielleicht)

    Herkunft: Wie hast du dein Skillset erlernt?

    Wo bist du geboren? (Heimatplanet ist Zeltros im Inner Rim/Urlaubs-Partyplanet/Alliance of free planets)

    Was hat dich in den Outer Rim getrieben?

    Erscheinungsbild: Grösse, Gewicht, Körperbau, Haar/Augen/Hautfarbe

    Items: Blaster (400 Credits) Heavy Clothing (50 credits) und ich spendier dir noch ein Comlink und 1 Stimpack (je 25 credits) neben den 25 credits bar die du noch hast.

    Alles auf irgendwie aufschreiben bitte (am besten aufs Charsheet)




    Useful link (zumindest für alle die, welche kein Regelwerk oder entsprechendes PDF ihr eigen nennen, zumindest die Links, welche gehen, z.B. Rassen oder Talente):


    Link entfernt von Ovi, Erklärung weiter unten im Forum

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    Link entfernt von Ovi, Erklärung weiter unten im Forum


    Das ist ja DER Link für dich! 😀

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    Eingeladen mitzumachen sind btw. alle hier und ich plane nebst der Kerngruppe die „Gelegenheitsspieler“ eher so Hired Gun, Bounty Hunter spielen zu lassen um sie leichter ein UND ausbauen zu können^^ (Was jetzt nicht heissen soll das die Kerngruppe nicht auch Muscles braucht)

    Da fühl ich mich glatt angesprochen.

    Bin dieses Wochenende mit der cave con recht eingespannt (hoffe man sieht sich?!), würde mich nächste Woche mal näher damit beschäftigen.




    Nice Roger!


    @Plane Samstag mit meiner Freundin mal durch die Cave Con zu „geistern“.

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