Die Geschichte von Breachill mit Voz’s Anmerkungen

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    Most everyone in Breachil seems to fully believe in their town’s saccharine origin as the beneficiary of the kind and selfless wizard Lamond Breachton. But the truth, like so much of sanitized history, is far darker. Lord Breachton was not a big-hearted philanthropist. He was a charlaten wizard that had chosen to establish a utopian society—one that he quickly deemed a failure. „Ha! Yes, a big charlatan, his ego must have been bigger that the entire Five King’s Mountain range!“

    Just six months before he left the humans defenseless and amnesia-riddled in the valley where Breachill exists today, Breachton had recruited them for his utopian project dubbed Paragon. Each had agreed to the Golden Contract—a set of strict behavioral and moral guidelines that he believed would lead to civic, social, and political harmony, and to the ultimate course of human perfection. He used magic to create a perfectly suitable humanocentric environment deep in the heart of the Five Kings Mountains, in an isolated valley where his work would not be disturbed. Then he plucked his test subjects from their lives and families all over Isger and brought them to Paragon.

    Although his recruits valiantly tried to fulfill his wishes, when he told them that his plan would require their self-sacrifice, discontent quickly festered in the new society. Lamond swiftly grew frustrated with the squabbling and declared the entire project a failure. He ended the experiment, magically uncreating Paragon so that no trace remained of it.

    As for his chosen humans, he now considered them wayward children in breach of the Golden Contract. To him, this group represented not only humanity’s inherent weakness but also his own shameful failure to mold them into something better. Instead of returning his former subjects to their previous lives, he dumped them into a nearby valley and gave them only the barest training to start life anew. He wiped their minds not only of their experiences in Paragon but also of their entire former identities save for their own names. This, he believed, was a fitting punishment for the humans’ failure, and it ensured that his own shameful shortcomings as master of the experiment would remain hidden.

    Yet soon after, herealized that he had essentially committed the former citizens of Paragon to slow deaths in the wilds of Isger, whether from hostile goblinoids, roving monsters, or the harsh winter that threatened to set upon the region. And so the wizard returned to the people “Fool should have just left them to die—guilt gets you nothing!” he had failed, presenting himself as a savior and he helped them achieve self sufficiency, not just with respect to food, shelter, and defense, but even in government and economy. Once his conscience was sufficiently soothed, he abandoned the humans yet again, content that the residents of Breachton’s Hill would at least not immediately perish at his irresponsible hand.

    The research also indicates that Voz has hit nothing but dead ends in trying to find out what happened to Lamond Breachton after he left the area—she suspects he is long dead

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