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    rotzfrech kopier ich hier mal einen beitrag:

    Hard cap vs. Soft cap
    Hard capping is when the value is hard capped at a fixed value. Cooldown Reduction, for example, is capped at 40%. Every point of Cooldown Reduction greater than 40% has absolutely no effect.
    Soft capping is when there is no hard cap, but you can’t get any more because of some mechanic. Take Attack Damage as an example: You only have 6 item-slots, once all 6 are full you can’t get any more Attack Damage, as you can’t buy more items that give Attack Damage.
    Another example for soft capping would be Movement Speed, where every point above a certain threshold has less effect.

    Attack Damage (AD), Ability Power (AP)
    Lifesteal, Critical Damage
    Armor, Magic Resistance, Penetration
    Cap Mode: Soft
    Details: Capped by Items

    Critical Strike
    Cap Mode: Hard
    Limit: 100%

    Movement Speed (MS)
    Cap Mode: Soft
    Limit: 415, 490
    Details: If your MS is over 490: Every point over 490 has 50% effect.
    Between 415 and 490: Every point over 415 has 80% effect. More Details in the MS-FAQ

    Cooldown Reduction (CDR)
    Cap Mode: Hard
    Limit: 40%

    Attackspeed (AS)
    Cap Mode: Hard
    Limit: 2.5

    Cap Mode: Soft
    Details: Dimishing returns. See How does dodge work?

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