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Though they spend most of their lives struggling to avoid Imperial entanglements, keeping their ships fly ing, dodging blaster fire, and having enough to eat. Smugglers are often seen as the freest beings in the galaxy. They travel the hyperspace lanes, system to system, planet to planet, bringing what people want and need (and cannot get through legitimate means) Unfortunately, that freedom is often an illusion; many Smugglers find themselves indebted to powerful people, having been forced to take a marker on their ships just to stay in business. Such markers inevitably lead Smugglers into a kind of indentured servitude unless they can figure a way out of it That requires a very big „score“ of some kind-a job of such financial reward, the Smuggler can buy his ship back and afford to operate on his own again. Few Smugglers survive that kind of job. Most just deal with their circumstances and keep their ships going. Even with a marker on the ship, though, Smugglers tend to have a great deal of autonomy, and they develop a great many skills and talents that any group making their way through the Outer Rim will find helpful Smugglers know their way around the underworld and fringe society, and they tend to know how to get things done, especially if legality isn’t an issue.


Pilot: Plenty of folks know how to fly a starship, but a Smuggler who specializes as a Pilot develops a relationship with his ship, and it becomes an extension of his wit and his will. He can make a plodding old transport run far above its performance ratings, and given time and some modifications, he can turn it into one of the fleetest and most maneuverable craft ever to take to the stars.


Scoundrel: Part con artist, part gunslinger, and part cantina brawler, the Scoundrel is quick-witted, quick on his feet, and quick to get himself into a great deal of trouble at the drop of a hat. He doesn’t care one whit for rules or laws, except where he can use them to work an angle that either nets him a lot of credits or brings down an enemy If he’s really lucky-and he tends to have an unshakable faith in his luck-he’ll manage both.


Thief: Where the Scoundrel is a bit flashier, and the Pilot focuses on mastering his ship, the Thief really is a covert operative. His ideal circumstance is to get into places blocked to others, grab things he’s not supposed to have, and get out without anyone ever knowing he was there. If he can sell what he grabbed for a tidy sum, that makes for a perfect day.