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Hired Gun:

When it comes to fighting, the Hired Gun is at the forefront. He’s less of an independent operator than the Bounty Hunter, preferring to have a defined mission, an objective to achieve, and some credits to spend when the job is done. Hired Guns are muscle and applied force, meant to defend or attack as the situation requires. They deal damage or protect others for credits, and this makes them simple and sometimes refreshingly direct.


Bodyguard: Hired Guns who choose the Bodyguard specialization are excellent choices for defending both people and places. They tend to be highly capable with all kinds of weaponry, extremely tough and sawy in combat, and exactly the right people to get behind when blaster fire starts flying.


Marauder: Marauders don’t necessarily mind shooting their opponents, but they would much rather get mixed up in a melee, weapons in hand, smashing and slashing their way through. Marauders are tough-probably the toughest combatants in any conflict. They tend to take a great deal of punishment while dealing·out far more to any who dare go against them.


Mercenary: If the Marauder is the melee master, and the Bodyguard is the all-around weapons and gear trooper, the Mercenary Soldier is the warfare expert. An adept of both ranged combat and military tactics, he is a leader of warriors in combat and a deadly combatant himself.