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The Empire is vast, but it is a mere fraction of the galaxy, and the Explorer seeks to uncover the countless mysteries and opportunities the universe contains. Explorers are both vitally important and insidiously dangerous to the New Order; on the one hand, they reveal information, trade routes, and resources that are deeply coveted by the Empire, and on the other hand, they expand the ranges into which rebels, criminals, and iconoclasts can spread out and avoid Imperial might. The Empire employs countless scouts and mercantile agents, and there are many more such entities working for the millions of galactic corporations seeking advantage over one another as they expand The Explorer is a free agent; he makes his own way, tracks his own discoveries, and arranges his own special deals and connections. He will often sell the information he has at a decent price, or arrange to guide those who wish to go where he has been.


Fringer: Part negotiator, part astrogator, and savvy in the ways of the galaxy beyond the Core Worlds, the Fringer is a jack-of-all-trades. He focuses on knowing how to find what he needs and how to get where he needs to go. He’s got the gift of gab when it’s time to talk, and the awareness and reflexes to maneuver away when it’s time to run.


Scout: There’s finding a planet, and then there’s going down to the planet and seeing what’s what. The Scout is the professional for the task, trained to survey and survive, gathering all of the information he can while keeping his head attached to his body While bravery in combat is one thing, there can be no denying the fearlessness of anyone willing to touch down on a completely unknown planet and trudge about with only scanners and his wits to discover its secrets.


Trader: Those seeking to take what they discover as they explore the Outer Rim and beyond (and turn a serious profit from it) are Traders. For a Trader, a new planet represents nigh-infinite potential for resource exploitation, while a new culture or hidden community is a customer base just begging for his particular talents.


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