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In a way, Colonists are the most outofplace people in the Outer Rim. They are most often from the Core Worlds, where they were well educated and part of the cultural and professional elite. A Colonist doesn’t tend to have the training to survive in areas of high conflict, and he isn’t particularly adept at physical exploits.


Doctor: Of all the types of Colonists who come to the Outer Rim, Doctors probably have the easiest time finding employment They are in high demand almost anywhere they go. Unfortunately, most of what they are asked to do involves patching up the wounds of the worst kind of beings.


Politico: If there is one thing a Politico knows how to do better than anyone else in the galaxy, it’s talking. He can talk to anyone about anything in any necessary way. What others accomplish with might and fear, a talented Politico may well achieve with a few well-placed words and a decent plan.


Scholar: At first, the idea of a Scholar wandering with a bunch of ne’er-do-wells in the Outer Rim might seem a bit odd, if not downright ridiculous. However, with all of the dangers and wonders of „a thousand thousand worlds,“ having someone around who actually knows something more than how to reload a heavy blaster could be exceedingly useful under any number of circumstances. This is especially true when a group is faced with something truly unknown, or needs to find something that simple tracking alone cannot locate.


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