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Bounty Hunter:

The name says it all this is a hunter who seeks to collect bounties for his work. Bounty Hunters tend to be feared, reviled, looked down upon-and in great demand throughout the galaxy. They are expert trackers, brutal combatants, and effective investigators They tend to prefer skulduggery, stealth, and traps over frontal assaults, but the most respected Bounty Hunters will do whatever it takes to catch their quarries and collect their fees.


Assassin: Whereas most Bounty Hunters focus primarily on the capture of quarry, those who specialize as Assassins are generally tasked with the straightforward proposition of terminating their targets.


Gadgeteer: Considering how often a single Bounty Hunter finds himself faced with terrible odds (more often than not, an acquisition has friends or employees who work hard to protect him), it’s not surprising how many specialize in high-tech gear and weapons. The Gadgeteer excels at presenting himself as a one-person battle force, at least for a short time. Using both the latest tech and his own personally-modified gear, a Bounty Hunter with this specialization can be hard to stop.


Survivalist: Beyond civilization, in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there are places where few [if any) sentients have ever trodden the ground. Places like these are ideal hiding places for those fleeing the law or retribution for their actions. Places like these are where Bounty Hunters who specialize as Survivalists thrive.

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  • Diese Antwort wurde geändert vor 2 Jahre, 10 Monate von  Stefan.
  • Diese Antwort wurde geändert vor 2 Jahre, 10 Monate von  Stefan.