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Pretty much anything to do with technology or mechanical devices lies within the Technicians purview. He knows how to operate, maintain, repair and upgrade just about anything with power or gears. Most Technicians would rather deal with machines and droids than people; the latter is just too unpredictable

Mechanic: Depending on who is asked, Mechanics are either the glue that holds everthing together or the grease that makes it all go. Most Mechanic would tell you they do both and then get back to work.

Outlaw Tech: Outlaw Techs are the specialists others call on when they want something out of the ordinary. A blaster that works beyond factory tolerances? No problem! A transponder that identifies a smugglers freighter as a religious pilgrimmage craft? It will cost a few credits, but sure! A protocol droid altered to carry out an assassination? Just how big is the credit line, anyway?

Slicer: For the Slicer a computer or datapad is just a puzzle to solve with prizes for doing so. „Slicing“ is the term used for invasive efforts to steal data in a system. With practically the entire galaxy wired to computerized systems, Slicers are extremly valuable people to knowm and dagerous to cross.