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Although many calendars exist among the peoples of the Inner Sea, the one in widest use employs Absalom Reckoning (AR) for all of its dates. This reckoning system is based on the foundation of Absalom (which occurred on 1 Abadius, 1 AR), and because of Absalom’s expansive influence, the city’s calendar has achieved great popularity throughout the region. In Absalom Reckoning, the day of the month is always given first, followed by the name or number of the month, with the year coming last.

Golarion spins on its axis roughly once every 24 hours. A week consists of 7 days, with 52 weeks per year. A year has 12 months, each of which corresponds to a popular deity and (roughly) to a single cycle of Golarion’s sole moon. In order to most accurately reflect reality, many calendars across Golarion add in leap days. In the Absalom Reckoning, the leap day is tacked on to the end of Calistril and occurs on every year divisible by 8.

The Inner Sea World Guide includes information about Inner Sea holidays and festivals.

Days of the Week Day Task
Moonday Work, religion (night)
Toilday Work
Wealday Work
Oathday Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday Work, market day
Starday Work
Sunday Rest, religion
Months of the Year Days in Month Month Season Associated Deity
Abadius (January) 31 Winter Abadar
Calistril (February) 28 Winter Calistria
Pharast (March) 31 Spring Pharasma
Gozran (April) 30 Spring Gozreh
Desnus (May) 31 Spring Desna
Sarenith (June) 30 Summer Sarenrae
Erastus (July) 31 Summer Erastil
Arodus (August) 31 Summer Aroden
Rova (September) 30 Fall Rovagug
Lamashan (October) 31 Fall Lamashtu
Neth (November) 30 Fall Nethys
Kuthona (December) 31 Winter Zon-Kuthon

1 AR – The hero Aroden raises the Starstone from the heart of the Inner Sea, ascends to godhood, and founds Absalom. The Age of Enthronement begins.
3007 AR Taldor founds the province of Cheliax.
4111 AR – Chelish explorers discover the disturbing ruins of Ghol-Gan on the coast of the region now known as the Shackles. The explorers deem the coastline cursed and haunted.
4138 AR – Cheliax founds the colony of Sargava in Garund.
4139 AR – Raiders target trade ships ferrying goods between Cheliax and Sargava. Pirates form small communities in hidden harbors where they hide from Chelish warships.
4606 AR – Rather than fulfilling prophecy and returning to Golarion, Aroden dies. Demons and Abyssal energy overrun Sarkoris, transforming the barbarian kingdom into the Worldwound. The Eye of Abendego forms off the western coast of Garund. The Age of Lost Omens begins.
4640 AR – Sargava secedes from Cheliax, and Baron Grallus pays the Free Captains of the Shackles for protection against the inevitable Thrunebacklash; when the Chelish fleet arrives 3 years later, it is quickly sunk.
4674 AR – The pirates of the Shackles unite under the banner of Hurricane King Kerdak Bonefist to harass the fleets and merchants of the north.
4677 AR – The first Captains’ Regatta is held in the Shackles. Six of the 17 ships that enter are scuttled, capsized, or lost at sea.
4681 AR – The Glorious Age of the Free Captains begins, a time of unparalleled prosperity for Shackles pirates that continues to the present day.

4712 AR – Skull & Shackles begins.

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