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Vor die XP hat der Herr erst mal das Roleplay gesetzt, und zwar in Form von Auszügen aus Nualias Aufzeichnungen:

The Wily Lover

…when he looked at me. The Varisian boy wanted me as I did him, I knew. In his gaze I felt not the solitude of my existence as a heaven-sent freak to be pawed by the townsfolk, but rather myself, wholly, at last. Delek Viskanta. Delek Viskanta. I whispered his name over and over each night before I slept…

We met where we could, across the river in the woods or at night near the Old Light, but when Delek showed me the old smuggler’s tunnels he’d found as a boy that ran under the town, we finally had a place to be together undisturbed. We would creep down one long branch until we reached an old brick wall that closed it up. It was there my son was conceived, of that I am certain…

A Father’s Fury

My knees bleed from days of prayer. The cell, one of many in the Chapel, is almost bare, a stone bed and a rude wooden symbol of Desna on one wall its only adornments. My mouth is dry. Father visits me once a day. He leaves me hard bread and a bowl of water. „Do you repent?“ I cannot abase myself any more than I did for love of Delek. Slut, harlot, Delek called me when I told him I was with child. The next day he was gone, leaving me to face Father alone. After a week in my cell Father releases me, but I am still confined to the Chapel. He lectures me nightly on my sin and forces me to beg Desna for her forgiveness. Though he raised me there is only bitterness in my heart for him now…

The Wrathful Night

…did not know, then. All I knew was rage, pervading me utterly, a force from without that poured through me. I was in a frenzy. In a room choked with incense and filled with the droning of my father’s prayers, I brought forth my son in a bed of blood, two months before his time. I came to my senses enough for a glimpse, but that was enough. The tail, those scales, a mouth too big for any infant filled with a multitude of sharp fangs. The midwives stole him away to burn him. I knew no more.

But then the dreams came, sent by the Mother of Monsters. As those around me had made me wretched, so I would magnify my suffering and turn it upon them. My angelic blood was a taint, I knew then, to be expunged, burnt from my veins. The Mother’s chaos and cruelty would pour through me into the world. I would be its conduit. I saw a vision – Sandpoint in smoking ruins, adorned with splintered bone and gobbets of charred flesh. I would make that vision a reality and fulfill its promise.

When I awoke I knew could do what the Mother bade me. In my bloody robe I crept into my father’s room and set the curtains, tapestries and bedding afire, then made fast his door and listened to his screams before the spreading inferno drove me hence.

The Sihedron Star

…Magnimar’s most wretched taverns before I found Delek. With their help I seized him, and in a narrow alley stinking of refuse I opened Delek’s throat and cut out his heart. I watched while they carved the Sihedron Star into his corpse. I left with their gift, the Sihedron medallion, and the dictum that my dreams were a map to my destiny. I turned my will over to the Mother and returned almost involuntarily to the tunnels beneath Sandpoint, to the wall where Delek and I made my ill-fated son. I battered down the wall with my blade, tearing the last bricks away with bleeding fingers after my sword snapped, and stepped into the catacombs beyond. She found me then, Erylium, the tiny winged thing, and I became her student. I learned of what the catacombs held, the altar filled with Lamashtu’s sacred waters, the prisons, the weightless chamber. For months she tutored me in the wisdom she had gained in her long captivity…

The Runewell

…draws the anger of wrathful souls to itself, when a death occurs within its sphere. It is strange – ancient and powerful, churning, bubbling, glowing orange, but freezing to the touch. After the mad woodcarver’s parade of murder and the fire that was my own work, it glows like a furnace. Erylium showed me how a blood sacrifice can summon forth a twisted monstrous soldier from its depths, born of the sin of wrath. Lamashtu’s blessing must truly be on this place. But the quasit also warns me not to overtax it, for fear of draining it entirely. With every soldier I draw forth, the runewell’s light dims…

Demonic Destiny

…at last, to know how I can bring about the wasteland I see nightly in my dreams. The Mother has sent me the answer. One of her Chosen awaits – Malfeshnekor, a monstrous goblin-wolf spawned in the Abyss and suckled at the teats of the Mother of Monsters – in an underground chamber beneath Thistletop. I must release it. Blood sacrifice must be the answer. I will spill blood in her name and burn corpses at her altars to free the beast. My father’s bones will be my first sacrifice. When Malfeshnekor is under my control I will raze Sandpoint to the ground and fill the runewell to bursting with wrathful souls slain in her name. It will become the smoking ruin I envisioned after the death of my hideous child, and I will gain my reward – to be remade in the Mother’s image, the celestial taint purged from me and the rage of the Abyss writ upon my flesh…