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Grade Bemerkt das ich beim Lifepath eine komplette Seite unterschlagen haben:

Your Motivations and Relationships

Roll 1d10 or choose one for each column.

What Do You
Value Most? How Do You Feel About Most People?
1 Money | I stay neutral.
2 Honor | I stay neutral.
3 Your word | I like almost everyone.
4 Honesty | I hate almost everyone.
5 Knowledge People are tools. | Use them for your own goals then discard them.
6 Vengeance | Every person is a valuable individual.
7 Love | People are obstacles to be destroyed if they cross me.
8 Power People are untrustwort | Don’t depend on anyone.
9 Family | Wipe ‘em all out and let the cockroaches take over.
10 Friendship | People are wonderful!

Things You Value the Most?
Roll 1d10 or choose one

Roll Most Valued Person in Your Life?
1 A parent
2 A brother or sister
3 A lover
4 A friend
5 Yourself
6 A pet
7 A teacher or mentor
8 A public figure
9 A personal hero
10 No one

Roll 1d10 or choose one.
Roll Most Valued Possession You Own?
1 A weapon
2 A tool
3 A piece of clothing
4 A photograph
5 A book or diary
6 A recording
7 A musical instrument
8 A piece of jewelry
9 A toy
10 A letter

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