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Paar kleinere Spielfehler bzw. Clarification zu gestern nochmal in Kürze:

1) Here comes the hotstepper

You can’t Step into difficult terrain…

Es sei denn man hat ein dafür ein spezielles Class-Feat oder allgemeines Feat.

2) Condition Zero

Conditions are persistent. Whenever you’re affected by a condition, its effects last until the condition’s stated duration ends, the condition is removed, or terms dictated in the condition itself cause it to end.

Enfeeble hat leider keine Duration und muß daher vom friendly neighbourhood cleric removed werden.

3) You can run, but you can’t hide

A creature with standard cover or greater cover can attemptto use Stealth to Hide, but lesser cover isn’t sufficient.

Nix verstecke Du in Gebusch…

4) Rich McReach

Your reach is typically 5 feet, but weapons with the reach trait can extend this. Larger creatures can have greater reach; for instance, an ogre has a 10-foot reach. Unlike with measuring most distances, 10-foot reach can reach 2 squares diagonally. Reach greater than 10 feet is measured normally; 20-foot reach can reach 3 squares diagonally, 25-foot reach can reach 4, and so on.

Nur der 10-foot reach bescheisst die Ecken weg!