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BZGl Sneak Attack gabs eine Erklärung auf der FB Seite von Awaken Realms

„I spoke with the testing team about this card some time ago – the original intent is that the card doubles the number of cubes added from Keys, „on placement“ abilities, or any other abilities that trigger the moment the card is played. This means that it is NOT possible to double, for example, the Hammer Swipe’s effect with Sneak Attack (because removal of the Time Token from Hammer Swipe happens too late, after it was played and placed in the sequence, usually using some other ability).“

„We were thinking about further nerfs, but testers are not convinced they’re needed. There are many other combinations with comparable strength (for example, builds around Ailei’s Empowering Brew). And advanced Characters with optimized decks are perfectly OK to deal 10-20 cubes in an opening hand.
It’s not in FAQ yet, as we are still judging if any nerf is required – and we want to be sure of the card’s interaction with expansion character decks that are in development now.“