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Soooo…jetzt fehlt noch: Keith the thief, Rocket Ranger und der Dorfkrieger.

Da Chars getrennt machen hinsichtlich möglicher Synergien und Überlappungen von Skills und Fertigkeiten nicht so ideal ist, aber nochmal das was wir bereits zumindest basic an vorhandenen Lores und Crafting haben:
* Warfare Lore
* Engineering Lore
* Guilds Lore
* Crafting (Specialty: Artistry oder Blacksmithing, je nachdem was der Meister für einen Tinker für angebrachter hält).
Bitte bei Lores immer folgendes bedenken:

„You gain a specific subcategory of the Lore skill from your background. The GM determines what other subcategories they’ll allow as Lore skills, though these categories are always less broad than any of the other skills that allow you to Recall Knowledge, and they should never be able to fully or mainly take the place of another skill’s Recall Knowledge action. For instance, Magic Lore wouldn’t enable you to recall the same breadth of knowledge covered by Arcana…“

D.h. Skill > Lore falls beides möglich ist, deshalb hier nochmal was mit Recall Knowledge bei den regulären skills so geht:

• Arcana: Arcane theories, magical traditions, creatures of arcane significance, and arcane planes.
• Crafting: Alchemical reactions and creatures, item value, engineering, unusual materials, and constructs.
• Lore: The subject of the Lore skill’s subcategory.
• Medicine: Diseases, poisons, wounds, and forensics.
• Nature: The environment, flora, geography, weather, creatures of natural origin, and natural planes.
• Occultism: Ancient mysteries, obscure philosophy, creatures of occult significance, and esoteric planes.
• Religion: Divine agents, divine planes, theology, obscure myths, and creatures of religious significance.
• Society: Local history, key personalities, legal institutions, societal structure, and humanoid culture.