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If a monster can’t get within range to attack with its movement, will it still move closer?
Absolutely, monsters will always use the minimum movement required to get as close as possible to a hex where they can attack their focus, attempting to get into a position where they can attack with maximum efficiency if possible (e.g. avoiding disadvantage (first priority) or maximizing attacks on other targets (second priority)). Closeness is measured by the minimum total number of hexes the monster needs to physically move to reach the desired hex.

Man kann Fernkämpfer also u.U. durchaus mal „wegblocken“, da avoid disadvantage vor maximum targets zieht.

If a monster is disarmed, will it move as if it has an attack?
No, disarm negates all effects of having an attack. A monster will move as though it doesn’t have an attack, which means it will just try to get as close as possible to its focus.

Entwaffnete Fernkämpfer laufen maximal ran, k.A. ob wir das beachtet haben oder nicht.