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Und weil ich gerade beim Regel lesen / pienzen bin, warum machen wir es uns selbst schwer?


During any part of a character’s movement, if they enter a tile with a closed door, flip the door tile to the
opened side and immediately reveal the adjacent room on the other side of the door. The Scenario Book will
then specify what monsters, money tokens, and special overlay tiles should be placed in the revealed room,
based on the number of characters (including exhausted characters). Note that, as in scenario setup, the
standee numbers of the monsters in the new room should be randomized when placed. It is possible to run out
of specific types of monster standees when revealing a room. If this happens, place only the standees that are
available, starting with the monsters closest to the revealing character.

Once everything is placed in the new room, any present monster types without an action card should have one
drawn for them now.
Once the revealing character’s turn ends, the initiative values of all monsters in the new
room are reviewed, and any monster type that has a lower initiative value than the revealing character (i.e.,
they should have acted earlier in the round) must immediately act out their turn (in normal initiative order in
case of multiple monster types in this situation). This ensures that all monsters revealed in the new room will
always take a turn in the round in which they are revealed.

Würde sagen, Türe aufmachen, sehen welche Monster drin sind und was sie machen, und dann entscheiden ob noch rein oder raus mit den letzen Moves / Aktionen.